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In 2011 (Statistics Canada's most recent data), the overall Crime Severity Index (CSI) for Canada was 77.62. 2006=100.

Source: Statistics Canada
Methodology: Maclean’s obtained annual crime data from Statistics Canada for municipal police services serving the nation’s 100 largest populations, each encompassing a city or town of at least 10,000 people. Using 2011 rates per 100,000 people for six crimes—homicide, sexual assault, aggravated assault, vehicle theft, robbery plus breaking and entering—Maclean’s calculated the percentage difference from the national rate. The overall crime score ranking for the 100 communities was created in consultation with StatsCan, using its Crime Severity Index (CSI) score and calculating the percentage difference from the national score. Maclean’s calculated the ratios by dividing population of the area by the raw number of crimes.
* Cities from Prince Edward Island and the Territories did not appear in Statistics Canada's list of police-reported crime for selected offences from the 100 Police Services in Canada with at least one community over 10,000 in population.
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